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The second book of August Arrea's "Tales of the Nephilim Brotherhood" series is finally here

March 28, 2022

Take a deep breath; the Gate to Eden has once again been opened.


VII Publishing is excited to announce the release of journalist August Arrea’s second installment of his magical "Tales of the Nephilim Brotherhood" fantasy adventure series on March 29, 2022.


Following on the heels of Arrea's well-received debut book "The Crossing Point"— released in the summer of 2020—“The Seventh Grace” continues the coming-of-age story about a young teenaged boy named Jacob Parrish whose life is turned upside-down when he is visited by a Fallen angel named Gotham and learns he, himself, is the son of an angel, or a Nephilim.  


As "The Seventh Grace" opens, Havenhid has been turned on its head after Jacob is witnessed to heal with just a touch of his hand a fellow Nephilim who is wounded one day at Lions Bite, stirring whispers that an Apocrypha foretelling the coming of an anointed one who will be gifted with the one divine Grace elusive to all other Nephilim, and believed to have died with Gotham's son, has been resurrected. With skeptical eyes firmly fixed on him, Jacob is put to the one test to prove beyond a doubt he is indeed marked by such a weighted destiny, and no one is more conflicted by the prospect than the mighty Gotham himself as the boy's position between the Light and the Dark becomes more precarious.  


“I'm really excited to finally see 'The Seventh Grace' make its way into the hands of my readers," says Arrea. "There's been countless stories about prophesies and anointed ones that it's almost become a cliche, especially in fantasy books. But I feel this series puts a unique and entertaining spin in the concept. There are definitely a few unexpected twists and turns readers can expect beginning with this book, and I'm quite eager to hear their responses."


Arrea is currently writing the fourth installment of the series. The third book, "The Beloved Exiles" is currently anticipated for release in Fall of 2022. "The Seventh Grace" is available now.  

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'The Crossing Point' book trailer
'The Seventh Grace' book trailer
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