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The 'Tales of the Nephilim Brotherhood' series

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The Crossing Point

August Arrea

It's hard enough for a teenager to navigate through his high school years without having to deal with a sudden, unexpected physical change, like say, two pronounced humps protruding from one's upper back. Now, imagine finding out such an oddity wasn't just some cruel courtesy of nature, but actually a pair of wings growing just beneath the skin. For Jacob Parrish, this is only the beginning of a sequence of events he suddenly faces after the death of his beloved mother, and he is visited by a mysterious visitor clad in a long, dark overcoat with eyes the color of two golden suns, who not only reveals himself to be an angel (and a fallen one at that),  but informs the boy that he is the son of an angel. Naturally, the revelation is met with disbelief until his grandmother reluctantly brings forth a box, secreted away inside an old trunk, that holds the unbelievable truth  long kept from Jacob  —
that he is indeed, a Nephilim.  
So begins Jacob's astonishing journey as he embarks on an incredibly perilous adventure with the mysterious Gotham as his guide. Traveling to the other side of the world, a Gate, hidden in the shadows of an ancient Turkish church, leads the way to a mystical world, where Jacob discovers a treasure trove of abilities he never knew he possessed. While struggling to find the answer to a question purposefully kept from him that has plagued him since he was a small boy, he discovers his birthright and an unforeseen destiny that will change our world.

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The Seventh Grace

August Arrea

     Tucked away in the corner of an ancient Turkish church, a desecrated painting marking a smoke-scarred wall reveals a little-known Apocrypha foretelling the coming of an anointed one who will be gifted with the one divine Grace elusive to all other Nephilim: The Seventh Grace. So when Jacob is witnessed to heal with just a touch of his hand a fellow Nephilim who is wounded one day at Lions Bite, Eden is turned on its head, forcing Anahel to convene an emergency meeting of the White Circle. Could Jacob actually be the Light Bearer who is prophesied to mend the divide between man and angel and deliver a mortal wound to the Darkness before the Last Great War between good and evil is waged? And, if so, how could such a thing be possible when the prophesy has long been believed to have perished with the tragic death of Gotham's son? With skeptical eyes firmly fixed on him, Jacob is put to the one test to prove beyond a doubt he is indeed marked by such a weighted destiny, and no one is more conflicted by the prospect than the mighty Gotham himself as the boy's position between the Light and the Dark becomes more precarious. He knows it won't be long before the evil forces of the Underneath turn their twisting sights on Jacob, and sure enough a dark, slithering presence lurking deep within the forbidden Silent Forest proves him right. But it will be the unsuspected traitorous act committed within the walls of Havenhid that will threaten the existence of Eden itself, when a brazen attempt is made to lay claim to the one and all-powerful weapon destined for the hand of the Light Bearer: the Sword of Destiny.   

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The Beloved Exiles